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By The "R" was made for people that find importance in personal style
rather than follow the public trend.
Our products are for customers with a more distinct sense of personal style
and a need for products not widely available.
By the "R" line always adheres to the best style
and provides simple but unique clothing with importance in great detail.
We try uncommon patterns for a specific fit.
With the exception of basic items, we make smaller quantity of quality pieces
to always meet the customers’ expectation.

ByTheR x Barbara Bozzini ‘Beauty the bomb’

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ByTheR 2014 S/S - Natural Outfit of Today
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Check out Inwon’s (Head Director of BYTheR) daily outfit. 

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ByTheR Men’s Gothic Punk Ride Picture - Dhyon Black

New Photographs with Dhyon Black (14/07/2014) - ByTheR 

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ByTheR X Barbara Bozzini Collaboration Work.

ByTheR - Fresh Drops 
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ByTheR - Shadow of Darkness Model. Dhyon Black
Taken 08/Jul/2014, ByTheR 

Outfit of today by Inwon Lee (CEO of ByTheR) 04/July/2014

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Cobalt Blue Never Fades.  (by INWON LEE)#summerclassic #mensclassic #style #apc #byther

Cobalt Blue Never Fades. (by INWON LEE)

#summerclassic #mensclassic #style #apc #byther

Daily Outfit of Inwon Lee’s (Avaliable on ByTheR web:

ByTheR 2014 S/S - Snap shots on the street. Picture take by ByTheR. 

Check out new photos took on the street.
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ByTheR 2014 Concept Shot ‘We Ride Our Souls’ - Dhyon Black

ByTheR 2014 S/S - Polka Dots