ByTheR Official Tumblr

By The "R" was made for people that find importance in personal style
rather than follow the public trend.
Our products are for customers with a more distinct sense of personal style
and a need for products not widely available.
By the "R" line always adheres to the best style
and provides simple but unique clothing with importance in great detail.
We try uncommon patterns for a specific fit.
With the exception of basic items, we make smaller quantity of quality pieces
to always meet the customers’ expectation.

ByTheR- Count or Squiward?

ByTheR- Burning and Reborn

ByTheR- ring a bell? plants vs zombie?? haha but still trendy and stylish

ByTheR- Stripe Skinny Stylish

ByTheR- Dark and Chic! Stay Tuned!

ByTheR- Fresh and Modern Gradient Jacket and Boots

ByTheR- Represents All White Hoodie paired with layered pants and Sneakers!!!!

ByTheR- Who’s Fan of Viking and Gandalf?? HaHa. Now available on

ByTheR- Fierce Studded Covered Head to Toe!!!! Fashion Essentials that will Never go Out Of Style!!!!

ByTheR- Fashion week for a Trendy Men’s Baggy Leggings and Latest Accessories to Shine your Fashion!!!!

Fan of Gandalf? Magic Multi Style Cape and Burned Fedora all from this season!!!

ByTheR- Red Check +Green Baggy Leggings matches well

ByTheR- Chic Head to Toe

ByTheR- Minimal Classy

ByTheR- Blade
Cool Blade v.s Fierce Vamps